Monday, September 7, 2009

and relink! thanks

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yay holidays le! haha

Juz had a game of dota wif Steven's team.
the first match we were short of WIlfred Al and Sj.
So sad
So muz find we found leon ,hans and his fren haha.
Sad to say hard to communicate.
We lost la..close pushing match.Gd job guys. Yr impressed me.
Lucky next match Al n Sj managed to join in lol

Second match ..hehe we Trashed them. 31-11
had fun la.Cw nvr fail me!

Hope all u guys have a great holiday!

Sunday, August 30, 2009 w8 so long fer the performances to start.
All four levels were filled wif all the students

Vertigo was up 1st followed by Third Storey.
Lucky nvr forget the lyrics fer Poker Face lol.
i tink Billy went home the happiest.
During it's my life..he threw his sticks into the air
Almost drop...lucky he fast enuf to catch them in time
than slam the drums.

Hope our performance was good. hope all of you did enjoy,
till nxt time.^^
Happy Chers Day.
Lol...went jamming today wif the band.
Had a guest though,Regina,our photo person lol

Went early wif Ch to get some guitar stuff.
Waa..quite scary laa..first two guitar stores we went didn't sell the things we needed
Lucky the third one did haha.

We jammed for 2 2 songs..juz going over n over again.
Hope tmrw dun screw up lol

Hope all u guys enjoy our performance tmrw!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lol today was rather interesting..
The band rehersal was..not so "li xiang"
coz Tian Wei didn't pratise with us the day before..
so a little off ba haha
The sch's drum one part spoil(expected)
Then our dear guitarist..
lol ..forget gt Nc meeting then no choice muz skip.
i poor thing ..muz learn Ch's part in like 15mins
coz i went Bbq Chicken lol ^^
haha..but today's rehersal wasn't up to standard.
Tian Wei was so ...depressed i muz say.
Wilfred too.

Nvm..sunday's jamming session we'll polish up everything and giv a gd show!

Orh yea..lent some guy my guitar...he strum till break the string..
but kinda expected ba..old guitar
so me n ch went to a music store Ka Heng intro-ed
And wallaaa!
really gt sell..too bad the straps cant fit me n ch's guitar.. haiz
Ch bought pics haha. Gt one monkey design de.( his nick)

And the guy who helped me wif my strings ..he's super nice
He wanted to give the strings repair for free, but his co worker stubborn.
he also hurt his finger coz a string snapped .
He taught me how to replace the strings...which was very nice
Normal peeps would like be 'here u go peep. dun ask how i did it'

lol ..yup more or less that's today
HAVE A GREAT WEEK-END AHEAD! a long one too ^^

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lol ..stayed back to do my math make-up test today.
Heng not so hard..
And today was the best jamming session so far.
Free and meaningful.
Went to Billy's house along wif Third Storey except TW
No keyboard lol.
Haiz..when will blogger be fixed..if this carries on gonna change soon
lol we'll be playing two songs this Cher's day
It's My Life(Bon-Jovi) n Poker-face( Featuring Chris Daughtry)
Tmrw's the rehersal..hope that fred and my throat heals in time.
Hope no screwing up tmrw. ( billy spin the sticks and loses them,
me taking too much time in changing chords,ch plucking the wrong string,
Tian Wei pressing the wrong key, wilfred zhao xia)
Yea..minus all of that then perfect le ^^

Saturday, August 22, 2009

omg.... juz now hit 38.9'C haiz.
Damn should have went home earlier.
Almost fainted on the way back.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woke up at 6 today fer drill com
even though i thought we did have a chance.
Guess what.
3hrs later: Hai Sing Catholic Standard Drills 1ST
Comparing the time we spent training with the other schools,
trash la.
If we participated in fancy the trophy would have been ours no sweat.
Basket...Nvm ...not our prob oso =>

haha went fer meeting at 3-7
Was very interesting i muz say. lol
Went out with fred lucas deon valerie jie min naz and Jl sir too lol.
Really really learnt many things haha.
WILFRED is slooooooooooooooooooow.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yay..finally reached friday!
But tmrw nida wake up at 6 go drill com..Waliew sianed
After that still gt meeting hahaha. so fun hor
yay Bio over le! hehehe